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CRISPRcloud: A secure cloud-based pipeline for CRISPR pooled screen deconvolution

Hyun-Hwan Jeong, Seon Young Kim, Maxime WC Rousseaux, Huda Y Zoghbi, Zhandong Liu

We present a user-friendly, cloud-based, data analysis pipeline for the deconvolution of pooled screening data. This tool, CRISPRcloud, serves a dual purpose of extracting, clustering and analyzing raw next generation sequencing files derived from pooled screening experiments while at the same time presenting them in a user-friendly way on a secure web-based platform. Moreover, CRISPRcloud serves as a useful web-based analysis pipeline for reanalysis of pooled CRISPR screening datasets. Taken together, the framework described in this study is expected to accelerate development of web-based bioinformatics tool for handling all studies which include next generation sequencing data.

Availability: http://crispr.nrihub.org

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