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Yi Zhong, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Dr. Yi Zhong, titled as an assistant professor, is a distinguished professional with a profound academic and research background, holding a Ph.D. in Statistics and a Master of Science in Computer Science. With many years of dedicated experience in the field of bioinformatics, Dr. Zhong has significantly contributed to the understanding and analysis of RNA, DNA, and methylation processes.

Their expertise extends into the intricate realm of AI-driven clinical decision-making, where they have pioneered the integration of artificial intelligence to enhance precision and efficacy in healthcare outcomes. Dr. Zhong’s work is characterized by a deep commitment to pushing the boundaries of bioinformatics and AI, blending rigorous statistical methodologies with advanced computational techniques to address complex biological questions and improve patient care.
Renowned in the scientific community for their innovative approaches and impactful publications, Dr. Zhong continues to inspire in the intersection of data science, genomics, and artificial intelligence, driving forward the capabilities of bioinformatics in the era of precision medicine.