Zhandong Liu

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Zhandong Liu, Ph.D.
Principle Investigator

Research Interests
My research interests include topics in genomics, transcription regulation, disease genes prioritization, and machine learning. I often examine problems in these areas using methods and models from computer science, statistics and related disciplines. Recently, I have been working on using Graphical Models to integrate multiple data types in the interest of advancing our understanding of neurological diseases.


I did my undergraduate studies at the Nankai University  in computer science, graduating in 2001. I received a M.S. in computer science from Wayne State University  mentored by Dr. Sorin Draghici in 2004.  I received a Ph.D. in genomics and computational biology from University of Pennsylvania in 2010. The title of my dissertation was “The quantitative prediction of signal pathway activity through genome-wide gene expression data“,  and Lewis A. Chodosh was my advisor. In 2010, I joined the Neurological Research Institute at the Baylor College of Medicine.