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Paper accepted by IEEE GENSIPS 2013.

  20.09.2013   Paper

Our paper titled ‘IDENTIFYING CANCER BIOMARKERS THROUGH A NETWORK REGULARIZED COX MODEL’ has been accepted as a regular paper to be presented in the 2013 IEEE International Workshop on Genomic

Paper accepted by HMG

  13.09.2013   Paper

Congratulations to Sangeetha and Wooi.  Their paper on  ” NLRP7 affects trophoblast lineage differentiation, binds to overexpressed YY1 and alters CpG methylation” was accepted by Human Molecular Genetics.

An NSF Grant Awarded

  4.09.2013   Grants

National Science Foundation DMS-1263932 collaborative grant to study “Statistical Methods for Integrated Analysis of High-Throughput Biomedical Data”, September 2013-2017, with Genevera Allen and Pradeep Ravikumar. In the joint DMS/NIGMS Initiative